Pre-Fall Break info

Happy Monday, Deac families! And it’s looking cooler and cooler – the temps this week will range from a high of 69 (tomorrow) through 79 on Sunday.

Fall Break is this week, starting Thursday. Realistically, I’m betting there are many a Deac who might try to get a jump start on Fall Break by skipping out a day early 😉

Campus will remain open, as will our residence halls (also known as ‘communities’). But any time we have a sizable number of students who leave for Fall Break, there are normally some changes in dining hours or locations. Any Deacs staying here for Fall Break will want to visit the dining website for information on any changes in hours, or look at signs at entrances to The Pit or Benson, etc.

I just checked with Transportation and Parking Services and was told that all Wake Shuttles will be running as normal, so your Deacs will be able to get downtown and other places as usual.

For our P’23 first year families, today’s Letters So Dear went out to your ’23 students. In it is valuable info about the Secrest Artists Series and dates for closing of residence hall communities after finals. But also, a great note from Heather ’20, who shared her struggle to find her people her first year – and why you should keep trying 🙂

Also today for P’23s, our Weekly Message for First Year Families; this one is about The Honor Code. And actually this is good reading for any parent or family member of any year. It helps explain why academic dishonesty is such a grave offense in a college setting.

To close out today, here is a quote I saw on social media yesterday – no idea who to attribute it to, but I found it highly motivational:

“There are three months left in this decade.

In. This. Decade.

Take that risk.”


— by Betsy Chapman (’92, MA ’94)

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