First Year (’25)

Weekly messages for parents and families of incoming students in the Class of 2025 will be posted during the fall semester. We hope these will be a helpful resource for you as your student transitions to life at Wake Forest. Bookmark this site and check back each week for a new message. Families should also visit the Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD) parents and families page for information about supporting your students.

As Finals Approach

November 29, 2021

Your Deac’s first set of college final exams is just around the corner. Finals run December 6-11.

A to-do list from a student studying for finals in the ZSR Library.

A to-do list from a student studying for finals in years past. Click to enlarge.

There will be a lot of work in… [Read More]

Dos and Don'ts of Thanksgiving Break

November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving Break is almost here. This might be the first time you’ve had your student home since Move-In. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to consider for Thanksgiving.


Ask them about their friends…. [Read More]

Traditions for the Holidays

November 16, 2021

The holidays are coming, and today I want to share a few holiday traditions that your first-year students can (and should!) partake in between now and the first of December.

The first is Pitsgiving,… [Read More]

And I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

November 8, 2021

Our Gen X families may recall the great U2 anthem I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. For many first-year students, they are still actively going through the adjustment to… [Read More]

The Honor Code

November 1, 2021

Honor is something we take very seriously at Wake Forest. We have an Honor Code that all students must abide by, and which guides the behavior of our campus. It is the University’s ethical standard and code of… [Read More]

Thoughts on Registration

October 25, 2021

Registration for spring semester classes begins the week of November 1st. Students will select their full schedule at once (this is a change from previous years, when they did it in two rounds spanning… [Read More]

Health and Wellbeing

October 18, 2021

If your student has never lived away from home before – and most Wake Forest students have not – being a college student means being fully responsible and autonomous for all aspects of daily life. Absent Mom,… [Read More]

If I do it, what is my student learning?

October 11, 2021

Your new Deacs are navigating a lot right now: their academics, their social lives, figuring out everything from when and where to eat, to how much studying they need to do, to how… [Read More]

Grade Expectations

October 4, 2021

At this time each fall, I start to hear from first-year students who have gotten their first grade back on a test or on a paper – and they are panicking. The grade is not what they expected or hoped for, they… [Read More]

Midterm Exams

September 27, 2021

This week, we will talk about midterms. Midterms are exams that happen about the middle of the semester. Not every class has a midterm exam, but for those who do, they are definitely on your students’… [Read More]

Navigating the Classroom and Professors

September 20, 2021

One of the hallmarks of the Wake Forest experience is the relationships that can be developed between students and faculty. Like any relationship, those have to be built over time, with… [Read More]

Navigating social life

September 13, 2021

One of the challenges that new students face is how to navigate social life. That includes everything from finding friends, to what to do on a Friday or Saturday night, to making decisions about alcohol and… [Read More]

The Frantic Phone Call/Text/FaceTime

September 6, 2021

One of the most challenging things for college parents and families is deciphering their student’s emotions. Instead of being at home across the kitchen table – where you can see every nuance of your student’s… [Read More]

Adjusting to the academic workload and homesickness

August 30, 2021

This week’s message for first-year families is about two common issues students face in their first few weeks of school: adjusting to the academic workload, and homesickness.

In… [Read More]

College is finally here!

August 23, 2021

Your student has registered for classes, bought books, and college classes are about to start. This transition brings new dynamics into the relationship you have with your student…. [Read More]


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If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the best ways parents/families can help their students is to let them handle their business as independently as possible. Use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method when your student contacts you with a problem, a decision to make, etc.

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