Student Vehicle Registration Information

Happy Monday, Deac families! I am back from my road trip week. (For any of our Deac families who live in southwest South Dakota or northeast Wyoming, let me just say you live in amazing country and we loved visiting).

Let’s keep with the travel and transportation theme and bring you up to speed on parking registration for the upcoming year. Transportation and Parking Services has provided info below on how students of various years can get their parking permits. There are specific instructions for incoming first-year students, sophomores, resident students (those who are living on campus and who are older than first-years or sophomores), and commuter students (those living off campus – primarily seniors and some students from Winston who live with their families). Click on the link for your student’s year to see information about their process. 

First-year (aka Freshman) Student Vehicle Registration – begins August 1

Sophomore Student Vehicle Registration – begins August 2

Resident Student Vehicle Registration – begins July 30

Commuter Student Vehicle Registration  – begins August 8

Please make sure your Deacs get to task and register their cars if applicable. Also, please be sure that they take care of their car registration themselves – don’t do it for them. Learning to navigate processes like these independently will help them build skills they need to go through life.

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