WOW, Deac families – you really pulled it off. I thought we were going to be in a really precarious position relative to the threat of storms. And you heard me when I asked for you to send up prayers, invocations, supplications, and anything else you’ve got so that we have good weather and Commencement on the Quad.

And you delivered.


Commencement on the Quad is always the best of all possible ways to graduate.

There is no way to accurately capture all the little moments of the ceremony that touched one’s heart. We had the pomp and circumstance of the procession. There were moments of strength, power, and even song in Carla Harris’ address. Dr. Hatch reminded us of the need for connection and conversation in a time where divisiveness has become the norm. There was the proud and poignant moment where the ROTC cadets were commissioned. That one always makes me cry.

And then as the students walk across the stage to get their degrees, you can feel the pride and the love (sometimes by way of claps and horns).

One of my favorite moments is at the recessional at the end, where the recessing faculty line the path form a kind of tunnel and hug and shake hands with their students. It’s a lovely thing to see.

Later today or tomorrow there will be a lot of Commencement recap coverage that will be worth your looking at. You will be able to find it on the main WFU page (

For now, I hope your day was filled with joy and pride. Thank you for being part of our Wake Forest family and of our Daily Deacdom. Hugs and love to you all!

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