Last Week Roundup

Hard to argue with this weather – it was another terrific weekend (and very unusual for February to be near or in the 70s).  Today it is sunny and the temperature gauge on my car read 70 at lunch.  Girls are wearing summer dresses.  The (cherry?) trees outside of Tribble Hall are bursting into pink blooms.  This is crazy.

Last week was a busy week with lots going on.  I was not able to attend Founders’ Day Convocation, but one of the highlights is always the reading of Senior Orations – essays submitted by members of the senior class.  There were three read at Founders’ Day, and if you would like to read those addresses, they are available on this web page.  Throughout the spring, I will periodically feature the orations of the rest of the top 10 that were submitted, so stay tuned.

Also on my ‘sad to miss’ list was the dedication of Maya Angelou Hall.  You can watch a recording of the event here, and there is also a nice news story about it.  For the juniors currently living there, they are in a special position – a brand new residence hall, and never again will it be used for juniors; it is a first-year hall that just happened to be finished mid-year, so the juniors returning from abroad got to live there.  So they will be in an unusual group.

Looking ahead, we have Leonard Slatkin and the Orchestre Nationale de Lyon here as part of the Secrest Artists series.  Hope there will be many Deacs taking a nibble at this bit of the WFU buffet.  This not your Deac’s speed? The Events Calendar has a ton of stuff happening this week.

Also to note on the safety side of things: the campus community received an email today about the planned move during Spring Break of the University Police communications center (which receives campus emergency calls) from Davis Residence Hall to Alumni Hall.  The communications center move will take place March 6 and 7 (and you should know that responses to 911 calls and non-emergency calls will not be affected during the move.)  All other police department offices moved to Alumni Hall in January.

Make it a great week, Deac families!

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