Test Anxiety Workshop this Wednesday

One of the things that most students face at some point or another is test anxiety. That could come because it is a subject with which the student is not comfortable, or because he/she fears that the professor will be a ‘hard tester’, etc. For many students, until you have taken one test (or written one paper) for a professor, there is a certain amount of anxiety about how they will be graded.

Help is here!  The Learning Assistance Center and the Chemistry Center are sponsoring a workshop about test anxiety.  While open to all classes, it might be especially relevant for first-years and sophomores.  (Speaking of first-years, we have a new Message for First Year Families up on the web today about Health and Wellbeing).

The workshop is described this way:

Are you feeling anxious about your first Chemistry exam? Do you still get anxious about taking exams even as a sophomore or junior? Would you like to learn strategies to reduce anxiety and increase test performance? Do you want to make good life decisions? The Chemistry Center, in partnership with the Learning Assistance Center and Health Professions Advising Program, will be running a workshop targeted towards first and second year students who want to maximize test performance and minimize testing anxiety.

Please consider coming to this great opportunity this Wednesday (September 21st) at 6:30 in 126 Winston Hall. Hear from students who were in your shoes and overcame testing anxiety. Even if you don’t get that anxious on exams, key test taking skills will be discussed. Discover your inner test-taking potential!

Please see this poster (stress workshop) for details and bring your friends with you. This is the workshop that everyone will be taking about on Thursday morning. Don’t miss out!

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