Valentine’s Day Thoughts

This weekend is Valentine’s Day, which can be a really tricky time in college.  Students might be in a relationship, or they might be in some sort of ambiguous place where they don’t want to push too hard to DTR (Define the Relationship) and scare their partner off.  Or they might be happily – or unhappily – single.

So there may be some ambivalence, drama, grumpiness, or excitement about V-day, depending on where your Deac is coming from in his or her personal life.  As with so many other things, I’d urge you to just roll with whatever vibe they are giving off to you.

woof forestThere is one sure way to get some love for Valentine’s Day.  ‘Woof Forest,’ the intrepid group who brings dogs to campus, is sponsoring a Woof Forest Kissing Kanine booth on Friday on Manchester Plaza (aka Mag Quad on South campus) from 1-4 pm on Friday:  “Come to Manchester Plaza to get kisses from lovable pups just in time for Valentine’s Day! All proceeds benefit the Forsyth Humane Society.”  I am not clear on whether you have to pay to kiss a pup or they are just asking for donations.  But puppies are college student catnip, and I suspect it will be a big time draw.

There are many more events this weekend that students can take advantage of if they don’t have Valentine’s Day plans.  Check the Events Calendar for more details.

It goes without saying that it is always a good time for you to tell your kids you love them. But especially on Valentine’s Day!

— by Betsy Chapman


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