Final Preparations

We are eagerly awaiting everyone’s arrival for Family Weekend.  Hope that you are on your way (or will be tomorrow) to come and see your Deacs.

The weekend forecast is pretty spectacular – see it here.  The trees are just starting to turn their fall colors, which our folks from the non-leaf-changing parts of the country may especially enjoy.

It is going to be warm and sunny – mid- to high-80s – so be sure to pack lightweight clothing and also sunscreen.  For those of you who are going to tailgate and then go to the game, you’re looking at being outdoors from early afternoon until 6:30 or so when the game should end.  There is not much shade to be had, so if you want to avoid sunburn, be sure to remember sunblock and to hydrate well.

The other big excitement here is that we have opened the Orientation module for the ZSRx Parents and Families: Deacon Development 101 class.  If you have not yet signed up (it’s free!) and created your profile, here is a direct link to the course so you can sign up.  Once you create your profile, you’ll be asked to click through a short series of screens to let you know how the program works.

If you don’t know what the course is about, here is a short introductory video from Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life.  Once you enroll, there is a discussion board where you can introduce yourselves to each other.  It’s been a great deal of fun for us to see all the Deac families and where they are coming from.  The real meat of the course begins next week (Tuesday, October 8th), but you can join at any time (and if you come in late, which is fine, be sure to start with the Orientation module).

We wish you safe travels here for Family Weekend and hope it is a wonderful time for you and your students.  And just a reminder – if you are planning to take your student (and his/her friends) out to dinner, think about seeing if there are students on the hall who do not have family coming and asking them to join you.  We have an increasing number of international students on campus and others who may have family with conflicts preventing them coming – so open it up to others if you can.  Extend the Wake Forest family feeling 🙂

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