Worth Repeating

Every week during the school year, the Parents’ Page publishes a message for first-year parents.  These messages are meant to help shed some light on things first-year students might be experiencing – whether homesickness, midterm stress, learning to interact with professors, etc. – and how parents and family members can help understand and support them at these moments.

When we come to the last week of classes before the summer, we publish a Summer Reading List of books that families and/or students ought to consider reading.  It is always one of my favorite columns to write.  I solicit book suggestions from many sources on campus, and they always come through with some good ideas.

If you are first-year parent and already saw the Summer Reading List, I hope you will think that it is worth repeating.  And if you aren’t a first-year parent, I hope you might enjoy seeing this list.  If your book club is looking for new ideas of things to read, we’ve got some great ones listed.

Here is the full Summer Reading List for your viewing pleasure.

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