The Week Begins

I don’t know what percentage of our Wake Forest families had a vested interest in the Superbowl, but on campus we had reason to be proud if either team won.  Our former head football coach, Jim Caldwell, is the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and is now wearing another Super Bowl Ring (having previously been with the Indianapolis Colts for one of their wins).  On the 49ers side, we had player Joe Looney (’11), who wears #66.  Congratulations to both our Deacs for their role in the Super Bowl.

This morning on campus began with a stunning sunrise, all pinks and purples and oranges.  The early morning runners would have seen it, but not many others.  It’s a cold day today, but we’ll be moving back into the 50s later in the week.  Pretty mornings like this remind me of the many reasons I feel blessed to work on this campus.

And since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we thought the Daily Deac might feature some of the reasons we love Wake Forest.  And we invite you to share your own reasons too.  You can email them to and tell us your first initial and your student’s class year, so we can recognize your quote in an anonymous fashion.

So here goes the start of our list – and we hope you’ll add your reasons too!

Wake Forest is a place where people matter.  If you need help, or a friend, or a suggestion on where to turn to solve a problem, this campus is full of students, faculty, and staff who are willing – eager, even – to help you.  

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