The Semester Begins

Residence halls opened yesterday for students, and hopefully yours returned then because the weather yesterday was glorious: mid 60s and sunny and much more like spring than winter. The next few days are not quite so nice; it will be rainy today but close to 60, then rainy tomorrow and low 40s.

Yesterday afternoon, the women who were going through sorority recruitment received their bids.  There is a large gathering of women on the Quad welcoming their new sisters and yelling and cheering – and yesterday was no different.  For our ladies who had a successful recruitment experience, the next several weeks of pledging will be filled with new t-shirts, new social commitments, pledge activities and more.

There are also women for whom recruitment did not go as planned – either because they elected to leave the process or they were not successfully matched.  This can be a very, very painful time for these young women.  If your daughter is in this boat, please urge her to seek out support if she needs it – from her GRC (Greek Recruitment Coordinator), RA, the Counseling Center, Chaplain’s Office, trusted adults, etc.  You can also email the Parent Programs office at

As uncomfortable and unhappy a time as it may be not to have gotten through recruitment with the outcome she intended, there is a silver lining in the sense that this is a learning moment on how to handle disappointment and build resilience.  Normally the Daily Deac doesn’t post on the weekend, but there was an anonymous letter on the Wake Forest Compliments Facebook page that shared one woman’s perspective about her unsuccessful recruitment experience.  This is well worth a read.

Classes begin on Wednesday of this week, so your students still have 2 more days to buy their books, restock their fridges and buy all the necessaries from Target and other places, and have some time to reconnect with their friends.  We know you probably already miss your Deacs, but we’re looking forward to having them back for the semester.  Campus is too quiet without them.

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