Happy Halloween!

Since we are a liberal arts institution, it feels right to recognize Halloween on a number of fronts and from a number of academic disciplines.

First, music:  your students should not miss going ...

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Halloween Weekend

It’s Halloween weekend – or almost, anyway – and typically this is a time on campus for a lot of fun. Chapel Hill is a popular destination to spend Halloween, so it is a safe bet that many a WF ...

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What to Do Tonight?

There are a couple of great options for your students this afternoon and this evening if they are interested in current events, medical professions or the arts.

At 3 pm in Auditorium 404 in the ...

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Project Pumpkin!

Yesterday was Project Pumpkin, our Volunteer Service Corps’ big event for local schoolchildren.  The students plan and organize an amazing Halloween carnival so that local kids have a safe and ...

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Back To It

Yesterday I was in the library about midday.  I was surprised to find most of the tables in the atrium filled. Students were there with their laptops, working diligently. I climbed the atrium ...

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