Graffiti Art

On Sunday my family and I went to campus to take a walk.  It was a beautiful, crisp and sunny fall day.  There was a pretty stout breeze, but with the warmth of the sun you only needed a light jacket.  Very nice weather.

I walked all over campus that morning – a lap around the Quad, past the Farrell Hall construction site, down through faculty drive where a lot of students like to jog or walk, all the way up the hill toward the Porter B. Byrum Welcome Center to the gatehouse closest to Reynolda Road.  Then at the end of my walk, I went by the student apartments and entered the big parking lot near Scales Fine Arts Center, by the back of the building where there is a loading dock and entrance to the backstage area.

Scales is a great building in that it is two buildings – upper and lower.  The upper holds Brendle Recital Hall and a lot of the music faculty and practice rooms.  The lower building holds the two stages – Mainstage and the Ring (smaller circle theatre, beautifully redone about 10 years ago) – as well as art.  The new dance facility comes out of the back of lower Scales.  There is a nice breezeway connecting the two buildings.  And our arts students are among some of the most talented and creative people I’ve known.  (Great article about theatre students here.)

So as I passed through the breezeway, I was surprised and delighted to see some graffiti there.  Did it have anything to do with a Mainstage or Ring theatre production?  Is it public art of some kind?  Or was it just some student seized by whimsy who wanted to make a statement?  What do you think it means?

I don’t know, but seeing it made me smile.  I love our arts folks.

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