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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

As is often my practice, let’s begin by talking about the weather. It has been a warm week – mid to high 80s – and sunny.  We are starting to see leaves turn brown and fall off the trees, so the ...


This morning I was at a meeting with lots of staff from various areas of Campus Life, and wanted to give you a recap of some of the many, many opportunities that your students have in the coming ...

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Wake Network

I was at a dinner the other night with Wake Forest alumni and some current parents. It was a wide age range, spanning from graduating in the ’70s to the mid ’00s to having a senior on campus now. ...

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First hint of fall

pretty fall leaves outside of Poteat HallI took a walk up on campus earlier today and saw my first true sign of fall.  This is a lovely little tree outside Poteat Residence Hall. If you have not experienced a NC fall before, they can ...

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Guest Blog: Supporting Your Students in Transition

Photo of Allison McWilliamsToday’s Daily Deac is a guest blog from Allison McWilliams ’95, Assistant Vice President, Mentoring and Alumni Personal and Career Development

College is an awesome, exciting, life-changing time ...

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