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Article on College Parenting

This article was making the rounds this morning on my Facebook feed and among some of my friends in higher education. It’s The Ethos of the Overinvolved Parent, from The Atlantic. It is an …

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More from my ZSR Sources

So my sources at the ZSR have come through with some pictures of what yesterday looked like during Reading Day.  You can see from the pictures below that students have been working hard and …

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Joyous, beautiful sun

LDOC!  Last Day of Classes is here, hooray to our students for persevering through the semester.  One more big thing – finals (or final papers/projects) and then it is pack up and move time. …

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Even though it is St. Patrick’s Day, it is still Black and Gold Friday, and I’m representing!  Hope you are too.

Was out West traveling on business all week – and many thanks to all the West …

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Windy Thursday

After springlike temperatures for the past few days, Mother Nature has reminded us that it is still winter.  Today’s highs are only in the mid-40s and there is a very brisk wind which makes it …

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