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Diplomatic Student-Faculty Relations

Today’s Daily Deac is devoted to a question we occasionally receive from families:

My student has a professor who has a foreign accent that is difficult to understand.  He/she does not want to …

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Washington Post Article of Note

I am en route to a New Student Reception today, so I am passing along an article from the Washington Post that a colleague sent me earlier in the week.  This is a good and worthy read, Deac …

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Upcoming Course Registration for New Students and Virtual New Student Reception

Our incoming first year students will be getting ready for Round I of course registration next week.  This is where they will register themselves for up to 10 hours of classes.  New students …

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Grade Expectations

(The Daily Deac is on vacation and will return Tuesday, June 21. The following covers a frequently discussed topic.)

For those upperclassmen parent Daily Deacers, this is a repost, but one I …

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Our Diamond Deacs

Over the long weekend, our Diamond Deacs got some great news – we are headed to the NCAA Baseball Tournament!  You can watch a video with Coach Tom Walter and the team’s reaction here.  Their …

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Belated Blog

I was so busy at my office yesterday that 4 pm rolled around and I realized I’d missed the Daily Deac deadline.  Oops! (and sorry).

Here’s a little bit about what I observed on campus …

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It's a Small Wake Forest World

My colleagues and I sometimes joke that it’s a small Wake Forest world – meaning, you might be on vacation somewhere and see someone in a WFU hat, or find out in casual conversation that you and …

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Advice to Incoming Freshman (But Still Applicable to the Others)

This appeared in my Facebook feed via the Washington Post:  “The 7 things new college students don’t know that drive professors crazy.”  Written by a former high school teacher turned college …

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Finals Day 1 Field Report

It’s Day 1 of Final Exams, and the logical place for the Daily Deac to focus on is the ZSR Library.  Here’s an impressionistic field report (and some pics) from some well-placed sources at the …

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Reading Day

reading day memeToday is Reading Day – the one day break between LDOC (Last Day of Classes) and final exams starting.  The idea, I suppose, is to give you a day to prepare for finals.  Here’s a Reading Day …

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