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Test Anxiety Workshop this Wednesday

One of the things that most students face at some point or another is test anxiety. That could come because it is a subject with which the student is not comfortable, or because he/she fears that …

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First Week Wrap Up

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families!  Hope that wherever you live, you’ll join me in wearing black and gold each Friday to show your WFU spirit.

As one of my friends proudly proclaimed …

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Some Info from Orientation - Good for New Families (and a Good Reminder for Upperclassmen As Well)

Second day of classes today, and if this year is like most, there are students who are excitedly stepping into their courses and some who are still wanting to make tweaks to their schedules. …

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Diplomatic Student-Faculty Relations

Today’s Daily Deac is devoted to a question we occasionally receive from families:

My student has a professor who has a foreign accent that is difficult to understand.  He/she does not want to …

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Washington Post Article of Note

I am en route to a New Student Reception today, so I am passing along an article from the Washington Post that a colleague sent me earlier in the week.  This is a good and worthy read, Deac …

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