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The Breakup Letter - Wake Washington edition

Before we get to our guest blog, wanted to make families aware of a program note from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Upcoming Webinars: The recruitment processes for the fraternity ...

Audience Participation - Sharing Gratitude

It is a gray and overcast morning on campus. Feels like completely appropriate weather for the last week of classes. For our P’21s, we have a new Weekly Message for First Year Families, this one ...

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Catching Back Up

I’m back from my unexpected break to tend to P’92 following a fall she took on Thanksgiving; many thanks for your well wishes and prayers (wish I could have responded to everyone personally but I ...

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Study Smarter, Not Harder

As finals approach, our Deacs start to get more and more twitchy about exams and the pressure they feel. Sometimes it feels like if students just study, study, STUDY NONSTOP they will be best ...

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Channeling Seattle

We are channeling the Pacific Northwest the last few days. We’ve had a light rain/mist that has been near constant, and it finally feels cold (well, cold for here. It was 48 at lunch). But the ...

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