Construction Photos

All is not quiet on the northern and eastern fronts.  Major construction continues on the new residence halls (north side of campus) and Farrell Hall (northeast side).  The new residence halls …

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Campus Misc.

Here are a few items of interest from campus:

The Office of Academic Advising has posted an Open Course Report, which shows spaces still available in classes.  If your student needs to …

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Summer School begins

The University is back to work after the long Memorial Day weekend, and today begins the first session of Summer School.  There are two sessions each summer:  Summer I runs May 29-July 3, and …

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Memorial Day

The University is closed today for Memorial Day.  Because this is a special day of commemoration in this country, the Daily Deac thought this would be a great day to show some of the best …

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What's Happening on Campus?

Now that the students are gone (and the ones coming for Summer School won’t be here for a few more days), the campus is trying to take care of major and minor construction projects that are best …

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Commencement Lagniappe

For those of you who are familiar with New Orleans, you may have heard the term lagniappe thrown about.  According to the online dictionary, it is used to “denote a little bonus that a friendly …

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Commencement Recap

Yesterday was Commencement, and it was a terrific one.   There had been some reports of potentially bad weather a few days ago, and we may have even had a little rain late Sunday night/early …

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Today is Commencement, and because this is an all-hands-on-deck event, the Parent Programs office is at the ceremony this morning working.  For those of you who cannot attend but wish to see a …

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Commencements Past

We continue to get closer and closer to Commencement.  Ticket pickup is today and tomorrow for the graduates, many of whom will be returning from Beach Week with suntans and an air of excitement …

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Commencement Prep

Commencement is on Monday and everything is shifting into high gear.  Despite the torrential rains of earlier this week, the Commencement tent is up and being prepped for the ceremony.  They’ve …

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