Construction Photos

All is not quiet on the northern and eastern fronts.  Major construction continues on the new residence halls (north side of campus) and Farrell Hall (northeast side).  The new residence halls can actually begin to be seen – there is a large concrete wall going up at the back part of big parking lot Q behind Wait Chapel.   We still are sporting a giant pile of dirt in that lot.  While I was there, a bulldozer was making its way precariously around the bottom of the slope, seemingly against all odds of gravity.  If you look closely, you can see little indentations down the pile, where rainwater has cut paths through it.  The red clay earth is beautiful to see.  (For those students coming here from the north of the country, as I did, this is a foreign-looking soil the first time you see it.)

Farrell Hall is coming along really nicely.  If you stand in Lot Q and look toward what will be the front entrance, it is a lovely, curved shape.  Right now the sides and back of the building are covered in these yellow sections of some form of construction wall or prep area for glass (there is a word about glass on the papers covering the walls).  It is, as you can see, a vivid canary yellow.  For a campus generally known for its beautiful but understated architecture, seeing so much yellow in one place is a jolt.  Of course it will be covered up at the end and this building will assume a place on the landscape and look like it has been here forever.  That’s one thing Wake Forest is a master at – adding new buildings in a seamless manner.

Here are a few more pictures of construction.  The last one is what I am referring to as “chia grass.”  It is a grid of intertwined fine threads that has some sort of backing underneath to grow new grass in a formerly barren place.  This chia grass is right outside of the University Services Building, where the Parent Programs office is located.  Most of our grass had been taken out during the creation of our new patio and entrance to the building.  Not to worry, we unrolled some chia grass and little by little its been coming in for us.  Just as with the buildings, it will blend in seamlessly before you realize it.

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