Commencements Past

We continue to get closer and closer to Commencement.  Ticket pickup is today and tomorrow for the graduates, many of whom will be returning from Beach Week with suntans and an air of excitement and wistfulness.

If you’ve been following the Wake Forest Magazine or Wake Forest University on Facebook, you will have seen a lot of pictures this week of Commencement setup, as well as pictures of alumni who’ve sent in their past Commencement pictures.  Their respective Twitter accounts,  @wfumagazine and @WakeForest1834, have had a lot of fun trivia, as well as the @WFNewsCenter Twitter.

One of the items of trivia is the number of chairs on the Quad this year for Commencement: 12,000.  My addition to the blast from the past is this picture of the Quad from 1992, the year I graduated.  There were something in the nature of 900 students graduating in my class, and the chairs didn’t stretch past the halfway point of the Quad.

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