Incoming Student (’26)

For parents and families of Early Decision students newly admitted into the Class of 2026, we are eager to welcome your student to Wake Forest in August 2022!

So that we may begin including you on important communications from Wake Forest, please complete a Family Record Form online at your earliest convenience. Please be sure to include your email address on this form, as email is the primary means of communication with Wake Forest families.  Once we have your email, we will begin including you on our Wake Parents and Families email newsletter; see archives here. Some of our international students have had difficulty getting the Family Record Form to show up on their computers. Sometimes computer forms work better in one Internet web browser better than another (i.e., if you are using Mozilla Firefox and it isn’t working, try Google Chrome, or vice versa).

If you are an alumnus/a, or have another student enrolled at Wake Forest, you do not need to submit a new Family Record Form, as you are already in our system. If you have a new address, email, job, or want to provide a spouse/partner’s email etc. simply update any new or changed information via the Update Information Form. This form is used for all alumni, parent and friends’ updates.

Until the New Students website goes live for the Class of 2026 in May 2022, the Parents and Families Page will be your portal for news and information especially for parents and family members.  We hope you will bookmark it and visit it often as you get to know Wake Forest.

Daily Deac Blog

We have a Daily Deac blog which is meant to give parents and families (and even admitted students) a glimpse of life on campus. You can subscribe to the Daily Deac by entering your email address in the SUBSCRIBE box. We also invite you to follow us on our official University Facebook page (Wake Forest Parents) and Twitter (WFUParents).

Commonly Asked Questions

When will my student need to move in and when is Orientation?  I want to make travel plans now.
The New Students website goes live for the Class of 2026 in May 2022. We encourage you to wait until the academic calendar is set for 2022-23 before you make any plans.

When is Family Weekend 2022?
The date will likely be announced in late January-early February 2022, once our football schedule is known. Family Weekend typically occurs on a weekend with a home football game.

Can I make travel reservations for Thanksgiving or Winter Break once the academic calendar is set?
Given the pandemic, we encourage you to be flexible in your planning. Normally it is wisest to wait until your student has their final course schedule (which they will have after Orientation and the drop/add period) to purchase airline tickets for breaks.  Students must consult their course syllabus for each class and/or talk to professors about the course schedule and final exam times. While families can use the academic services calendar as a general guideline for travel, some professors will schedule exams or assignments on the last day of class before break; other professors have attendance requirements that only allow a certain number of missed classes. Final exam schedules will be posted on the Registrar’s web site when they are finalized. NOTE: in non-COVID times, women participating in sorority recruitment traditionally arrive in January a few days before classes begin; this could be different given the pandemic.

About the calendar…use a pencil, not a pen

Given the pandemic, you may see changes to dates due to the University’s response to COVID-19. When making travel plans, please remain flexible and be aware of hotel/airline change policies when making reservations. Keep visiting this New Students website regularly for the most updated information.

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Office of Family Engagement at or 336.758.4237 if you need additional information or assistance.