Residence Hall Assignment Email

The following template shows the information first-year students received with their housing assignment. Their name and their building name would be filled in with their specific information; if they have an assigned roommate, it would be noted that they could see the roommate’s name in the Housing Portal

Welcome to the Forest [NAME]!

We hope that here at Wake Forest, you’ll find a residential experience where you can thrive socially and intellectually alongside your peers within a secure, comfortable, inclusive and engaging learning community.

Living on campus is where the memories are made. This is where you belong. From all of our staff to you, welcome to Wake! 

Your first year assignment is …


We’re so excited to welcome you to campus in just a few weeks.

As noted above, your assignment is Test Room in Test Building which is a Test Room Type. If you are living in a double room, you will be able to view your roommate’s information on the Housing Portal.

Receiving assignments is both an exciting and emotional time, particularly for our incoming students. Some of you may not have gotten the building you were hoping for, some may have requested a roommate and were unable to be paired together, while others will be thrilled with their assignments. What we know is that as we approach this unprecedented year, a positive and flexible attitude will help you, and us, make the most of your Wake experience.

Our first year assignment process is based on random allocation. This year, however, we tried to honor roommate requests when possible. That said, room assignments are unable to be changed once they have been released. We stand ready to partner with you on how to make the most of the upcoming semester regardless of where you are living.

For now, head on over to the Housing Portal to finalize your housing. Your booking status for Fall 2020 will be tentative until you log back into the housing portal at and complete the following steps:

  1. Access the 2020-21 Housing section.
  2. Proceed through all pages – including
  • Grad Guard Renter’s Insurance – Accept or Decline
  • Meal Plan Selection and Dining Agremeent
  1. Sign your Housing Agreement
  2. Schedule your Move-In Appointment.

We are asking that this be completed by August 3.

A reminder regarding Fall 2020 Meal Plan Deadlines: Plans may not be decreased after August 1, 2020, but may be increased until September 30, 2020.

Residence Life and Housing Staff

Your Community Director (CD) is a full-time master’s level, live-in professional who manages and supervises the RAs and GHD in the community. CDs work with their staff to foster an inclusive community and provide general assistance to students with residential concerns.

Your Graduate Hall Director (GHD) is a live-in graduate student who assists the professional and student staff in the general management of your community. Graduate Hall Directors focus on the staff and student development needs of the community they are assigned to.

To learn more about your specific community staff visit

Should you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office at or 336-758-5185. Please note that we are handling a high volume of calls and messages and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Also visit our website at and be sure to follow @WFURLH on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for upcoming move-in tips and helpful information.

Best –

Zach Blackmon, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Director of Operations


To contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.

If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the best ways parents/families can help their students is to let them solve their own problems. Use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method when your student contacts you with a problem.  The flyer also lists contact information for serious concerns where family intervention might be appropriate.

Orientation 2019 slide shows

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