On October 27, a message was shared with the Wake Forest community about an individual aggressively approaching Wake Forest students.

The individual has been banned from campus. Since Oct. 27, there are no confirmed reports that the individual has returned to campus. He will be arrested by University Police if he is caught trespassing.

Although rumors of multiple reported sightings have circulated, University Police have received and responded to two reports since Oct. 27 related to the individual. The first proved to be a mistaken identification, and the second proved to be a student filing a report about an incident that did not occur.

No other reports have been made to University Police regarding this individual being on campus.

Wake Forest is actively monitoring the situation, including:

  • The individual’s license plate is in the University’s license plate recognition system to alert University Police if he comes to campus.

  • University Police continue to work closely with the Winston-Salem Police Department (WSPD) to monitor off-campus incidents involving this subject.

  • WSPD has been in regular contact with the individual’s family to assist them in seeking the help he needs. He has been banned from many businesses in town for his harassing behavior, but he has not committed a criminal offense.

  • University Police and the WSPD are in regular contact with the local District Attorney’s office to evaluate this individual’s conduct for potential criminal prosecution or mental commitment.

  • Wake Forest has continued to inform our community that it is important to call University Police immediately if they see this person or other individuals presenting concerning behavior on campus.

  • University Police have worked with housing and residence life staff to remind residents of the importance of reporting any sightings directly to University Police.

Wake Forest continues to hold the safety of our community as our highest priority. If University Police find that this person has come back to campus, he will be arrested.

If verifiable information comes to Wake Forest’s attention that the safety of the campus is jeopardized in any way, the community will be notified as we did when the individual first came to the University’s attention.

Here are ways to report if you see this person on campus. By calling UPD immediately, University police can respond quickly.

  • Call UPD (336) 758-5911. The individual drives a Ford Fiesta with NC license plate PYL-9782.

  • The LiveSafe Mobile App allows Wake Forest students, staff and faculty to have a two-way conversation with University police. It provides direct access to police, 911 emergency services, emergency location sharing, information sharing with quick tips, and a peer-to-peer Safe Walk tool.

  • Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes are located throughout campus [PDF Map]. Push the button once to speak with a dispatcher.

  • Telephone Boxes are located near some building entrances. Pick up the receiver and dial 911 to reach a dispatcher.

Campus safety advisories and updates are shared with the Wake Forest community when there is an ongoing but not immediate safety concern.



To contact the Office of Family Engagement or Family Communications, please visit our contact page.


For mental health assistance: 336-758-CARE (2273) is a service that ensures someone will always be available (i.e., 24/7 M-F, weekends and university holidays) to provide caring and thoughtful consultation services for Wake Forest students in need of mental health assistance or support.