In this Issue: today I share five adjectives in an impressionistic view of campus

Walking on campus from one meeting to the next, I did not have time to sit down and do a proper Five Senses post. However, I want to give you the quickie version of that: Five Adjectives or impressions of campus.


Everything is green right now. Leaves on trees. Pollen – which is EVERYWHERE. Quad grass – thick and lush in prep for Commencement (pro tip: walking barefoot on the Quad in April and early May is a treat for your feet). Green plants in flowerbeds all over campus. Everything seems green.


Campus has an electric feel to it today, like excitement is building. It may be because there is something exciting happening this afternoon: DESK, the service project where our students help a local elementary student by painting a desk for them. Davis Field is covered in plain white desks, which will be painted this afternoon. The colors will be vibrant and fun, and DESK is a hugely creative activity. Sometimes it just feels good as a grownup to do kid things like painting.


It is a delightfully pleasant day – not too hot, not too cold. Mostly sunny with some clouds.


There is a light breeze. Walking across campus, the breeze keeps you from getting too warm, and a breeze blowing through your hair is a lovely feeling. Honestly, it just feels sooooooo good to be outside.

Anxious? Anticipating?

As much as it is a nice day outside, you can feel that there is some anxiety or some anticipation as the semester is coming to an end. Students are highly aware of their remaining tests, papers, and projects – then finals right after. I am struggling to find the right word – but it is somewhere between stress and resignation and anxiety and maybe just wanting to get the projects and test over with so they can move on to the summer. This is a normal part to the end of every semester.

That’s your Five Adjectives to describe campus today.

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