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  • Commencement follow up
  • Commencement countdown clock for P’24s
  • Final grades available later tonight or tomorrow
  • Reminder: Family Weekend Football Tickets went on sale today
  • Test of emergency systems May 23-25
  • Weekly message for new families

It is a quiet day today for a lot of the campus. Students are all gone, the Summer Session ones are nearly a week away from arrival, and final grades are in (more on that below). The real heroes of late yesterday and today are our facilities and groundskeeping teams, who took all of the Commencement setup and managed to break it down in record time. If you didn’t see the remnants of the stage just in front of Wait Chapel on the Quad Cam, you’d almost never know we had 12-13K people on the Quad yesterday.

view of the Quad 24 hours after Commencement finished

Commencement follow up

The Commencement website has a full recap of the various ceremonies, livestreams, photo galleries, and social media wrap ups. There was also coverage in our local paper, the Winston-Salem Journal, about Commencement with lots of great pictures of our graduates. Do you see your Deac in any of these?

Commencement countdown clock for P’24s

I thought our P’24s might get a kick out of this: it is a Commencement countdown clock for your ’24 Deacs. Commencement 2024 is scheduled for Monday, May 20. Our P’24s may want to begin thinking about hotels, as many of them start booking as soon as the previous Commencement has finished.

While I cannot guarantee that the schedule for 2024 will be the exact same as 2023, you can use that as a guideline for travel planning and adjust if needed later.

Final grades available later tonight or tomorrow

Students should be able to view their final grades online later tonight or tomorrow morning. As a reminder, students control access to their grades (no matter who is paying tuition), so they need to grant you Proxy Access to give you access to them (or of course they can just show/tell you).

Putting on my adviser hat for a moment, I can tell you that few things strike fear and dread in students’ hearts more than talking about their grades with their loved ones. Many of our students are extremely high achievers, and they fear their parents/families/loved ones will be angry/disappointed/ashamed if they get a grade of [insert] in their class. So be gentle where you can.

Reminder: Family Weekend Football Tickets went on sale today

We want to remind you that Family Weekend football tickets went on sale May 16 at 10 a.m., via the Athletics department website

NOTE: Students can get a free ticket to sit in the students’ football section with the Screamin’ Demon Rewards App. If your student wants to sit with you, you will need to purchase a ticket for your student.

While you can order your football tickets now, registration for Family Weekend events doesn’t open until July 11 (more details on events will come later this summer).

Test of emergency systems, May 23-25

If your Deac will be here for Summer Session, they should be aware that we will be conducting tests of Wake Forest Indoor Emergency Alert Systems May 23-25. All testing will be conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The tests are being conducted to ensure that the University’s indoor emergency notification systems are operating properly. Read more.

Weekly Message for new families

As we are doing each Tuesday this summer, we sent our Weekly Message for New families today to new and transfer families. Yesterday, new and transfer students got their own message.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I’m out on PTO tomorrow (Weds), but I will be bringing you news on Thursday.

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