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  • Welcome emails to ’27s and P’27s that went out yesterday
  • Housing availability list and selection reminders
  • How the University determines Commencement speakers
  • WFU in the News March 6-12

We’re back to rain again today, and cooler temps. But it is the weekend, so that is something your Deacs can look forward to at least. Here are a few items for you to know as we close out this week.

Welcome emails to ’27s and P’27s that went out yesterday

Yesterday, messages went out to enrolled Class of ’27 students (from the Early Decision I and II processes), as well as their P’27 parents/families. These messages were introducing them to some key dates, things to expect over the summer, and more. If you are a P’27 already in the Daily Deacdom, you will want to make sure to read the message.

Sometimes our emails roll to spam/junk/quarantine, so periodically check there to ensure there are no emails caught up as spam. It can also help to add the following addresses as contacts in your email system:,, Those are some of the frequently-used email addresses that might send you information.

And a note on how email addresses render here in the blog. For tech reasons I have never been able to get to the bottom of (other than it is a known issue/bug with the system), whenever I type an email address here, it adds a “null” if you actually click on it to send an email. You’ll have to remove the null or else it will not send properly

Housing availability list and selection reminders

The Office of Residence Life and Housing sent a message this morning to resident students about next week’s housing selection process. A couple of key points to note:

  • ALL students have actions they will need to take in the Housing Portal over the coming weeks. Those times vary by student.
  • If your student has not received instructions to be on the housing portal and is not actively selecting housing, they are asked NOT to access the housing portal next week. This allows maximum system capacity to support those students who are actively selecting their housing during that time period.

And a final gentle reminder that if students’ housing plans need to change based on what is available at the time they select, families can best support them by listening and empathizing, but not problem-solving for them. While it is well-intended to want to help, helping can rob a student of the opportunity to think flexibly, explore new possibilities, and find their own solutions. When our students graduate and move on to jobs or graduate school, they will need to be nimble and solve their own issues – so the practice they get right now is a competitive advantage later.

How the University determines Commencement speakers

There was an item that ran yesterday in our faculty/staff and student weekly e-newsletters about how Commencement speakers are chosen. This is likely of interest to our parents and families, so I am sharing that information here:

“This year, Wake Forest increased the intentionality of the Commencement speaker selection process to emphasize alignment with the University’s motto of Pro Humanitate. Provost Michele Gillespie implemented a new governance structure to help organize Commencement weekend activities, and each year, a Commencement Speaker Committee of faculty, staff and students will nominate a prioritized slate of potential guest speakers to submit to President Susan Wente. The committee also developed a guiding philosophy to inform the Commencement speaker selection process. The University will announce the 2023 Commencement speaker in the next few weeks and begin soliciting nominations for the 2024 speaker in April.”

WFU in the News March 6-12

For all those who like to stay aware of where Wake Foresters are appearing in the news, we have WFU in the News, March 6-12 edition for you. There is a story about a visit former President Jimmy Carter paid to campus in the late 2000s, and also one about a faculty member who does research in how we detect bullsh*t. Two very different topics, both interesting reading – along with the other stories.

May your Deacs have a great weekend – and you too!

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