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  • Last call for senior portraits in The Howler
  • We need your help with advice for incoming P’27 families
  • Understanding move-out dates
  • Melissa Godoy Nieto, artist-in-residence, presents Refractional Projections (March 22-23)

Five and a half weeks – that is all that is left to the semester. Classes end on April 26th, and then final exams will start. And it’s only 8 weeks until Commencement. Where did this semester go????

This week I am finishing up academic advising for my advisees, so I have been relying heavily on sharing content that comes to me from other offices to populate the blog. Here are a handful of FYIs for you – take what you need and scroll past what you don’t 🙂

Last call for senior portraits in The Howler

Over the weekend, I got a message that there is a last call for senior portraits in The Howler, our yearbook. It looks like those might be taking place March 20-22. If you have a senior Deac, they can check out The Howler’s Instagram for more details and to sign up (pending availability).

We need your help with advice for incoming P’27 families

Admissions decisions were posted to students’ portals on Friday night, so there are a lot more excited Class of 2027 students who are starting to enroll at Wake Forest (congratulations to all our new Deacs!) As such, we are hard at work updating the website for the incoming Class of 2027, which should go live around May 1st.

One of the features we like to include is peer-to-peer advice from current parents and families who have already been there, done that. So I’d ask you to take a few minutes to share your advice on this form – tell our new families what to expect about the adjustment to college, how to support your student from a distance, logistics, and other lessons learned. I will then compile the advice for the New Students website. Just a note for total transparency, we do not include advice that runs counter to University policy, etc.

Understanding move-out dates

I have had a few questions from families about how to know when their students can move out of the residence halls this spring. Residence Life and Housing posts the deadlines by which students have to be out of the residence halls, and those are based on each student’s status:

  • Saturday, May 6: Residence Halls close @ 2 p.m. for non-seniors (unless approved for Interim Housing)
  • Monday, May 15: Residence Halls close  @ 7 p.m. for seniors and those not approved for Interim Housing

BUT – students have varying final exam schedules and their last final may take place well before the drop-dead date for them to vacate the residence halls (for non-graduating seniors). Your best bet when making travel plans is to talk to your Deac and find out when they have final exams, and when they think they will be all packed up and ready to move. (My parents once bought me plane tickets to leave on the last day, and my finals finished several days earlier, which resulted in me having to hang out on campus with nothing to do. You/your Deacs don’t want that!)

Melissa Godoy Nieto, artist-in-residence, presents Refractional Projections (March 22-23)

This just hit my inbox this morning – we have a cool upcoming opportunity for students to see work from an artist-in-residence:

“The Hanes Gallery is hosting Mexican artist Melissa Godoy Nieto as an artist-in-residence. For two days (March 22 & 23), Melissa will be doing multiple performances in the mezzanine level of the gallery. The performance, Refractional Projections, employs sound and overhead projectors to create an immersive installation of colliding colors and shapes. Melissa’s performances will occur on Wednesday, March 22 at 1 PM & 5 PM and Thursday, March 23 at 11 AM & 1 PM. Each performance will be an hour long and will include time for Q&A with the artist!”

Make it a great week, Deac families!

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