Is your household into Wordle as much as mine is? That has become a morning ritual in my house. I found a way to make your own Wordle, and thought you might enjoy giving this one a try 🙂

In honor of Wordle giving you a five letter word to guess, I want to offer five things your Deacs should consider doing in the coming weeks.

Go to a Secrest Artists Series performance. And lucky them: there is one tomorrow at 7:30 pm in Wait Chapel, featuring a Wake alumna, no less: “Wake Forest graduate Jeannette Sorrell (’86) conducts early-music chamber orchestra Apollo’s Fire in a program of concertos for multiple instruments by Bach and Vivaldi. A concert in honor of the 50th anniversary of Wake Forest’s Casa Artom in Venice.” Admission is free for students with WFU ID.

Find a way to serve or volunteer. Particularly in the winter months, we can feel the winter blahs. Sometimes the thing that lifts you up is getting involved in something bigger than yourself, serving others, or volunteering. The Office of Civic and Community Engagement has a number of ways to volunteer on campus or in the local community, but students can also make a difference by giving their time and talents to on-campus student organizations (remember, the Spring Involvement Fair is coming on February 2nd!), working with faculty on research, etc.

Show up for your classmates and go to something you normally wouldn’t. Our campus is full of artists, and athletes, and actors, and so much more. Do you normally go to football and basketball games, but not many other sports? Go to a women’s tennis match (or choose any sport that is out of your norm). Never been to a dance concert? It’s time to go. Is that person on your hall an art major? Go to their gallery show. Wake is small enough for our student body to know each other, so support students at their performances, games, and more.

Invest in your future by spending some time with the OPCD. The Office of Personal and Career Development is here to help students in their journey from college to career. The more time your students take to get to know the OPCD and all it offers, the more likely they will have a fruitful job or internship search. So commit to doing something (ideally every month or so) that helps you get closer to your ultimate goals.

Connect with a faculty member for something beyond a question you have about their class. Every student is likely to have a favorite class or professor. Go to that faculty member’s office hours – not because you have a question (or a problem), but just because. Tell them you like their class, ask them more about their research/field/what majoring in that department is like – whatever makes sense. Faculty care deeply for our students and want to know them on a more personal level. Begin that conversation.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)