Intensive Summer Language Institute in Spanish, and survey time!

I am out of the office today, so this is a pre-post.

One of my colleagues in the Spanish department asked me to share this information about the Intensive Summer Language Institute. This might be a great option for Deacs who want to tackle their foreign language requirement in one big chunk:

“ISLI (Intensive Summer Language Institute) Program in Spanish During Summer Session I

Does your son or daughter have a heavy course load during the semester, or for any reason may need/want to fulfill their language requirement in Spanish in five weeks during the first summer session? Share with them this learning experience!

An intensive language program to allow students to take SPA 153 & 213 together in Summer Session I.

Eligible students must have completed SPA 112, SPA 113, placed into SPA 153 or SPA 154, or want/need to retake SPA 153.

8 credit hours total, 4 from SPA 153 and 4 from SPA 213.

For more information, contact Prof. Mendoza-Batista at, or visit our webpage

The application deadline is: April 15, 2022″

From time to time, we share surveys from other schools, our professional organization that works with family engagement in higher education, as well as individual research. It is always helpful to have parents and families take these surveys, because it helps us build knowledge of families’ experiences in higher ed.

Today I have a short survey and hope that you might participate. The survey is completely anonymous and should only take a couple minutes of your time.

Your responses will help us better understand the engagement of undergraduate parents/families at Wake Forest, and it may also suggest ways that other colleges and universities can engage parents and families in ways that are beneficial.

Thank you!


— Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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