Rainy thoughts

Friends, it looks like we are starting to enter that part of Southern summer where there is a chance of rain every afternoon. Check out the weather forecast for this week. Last night we had a brief but really soaking storm, which was great for everyone’s lawns and gardens, as it had been pretty dry of late. Weather forecast 6/8-12/21

Summer is normally a bit of a slower time in the Daily Deac too, just because our population of students is so much lower than in the fall. So I am always exceptionally excited when a student story finds its way to me in the summer. Yesterday I saw this article from a recent Program for Leadership and Character newsletter; it is a profile of rising sophomore Iyana Trotman, who is a recipient of the Winslow Family Scholarship for Leadership and Character and who just finished as the third individual speaker at the national Cross Examination Debate Association Tournament (the highest individual finish for Wake Debate in 20 years!). It’s a great story, particularly when you know that Iyana came to debate in the latter part of high school. You can read the full profile here.

A lot of the other routine summer news is to help our incoming families know of dates or deadlines or information shared with students. So for P’25s (or families of transfer students), your students received this email yesterday reminding them to complete their immunization form, and this email about extending the deadline for some Pre-Orientation programs; see other emails sent to new students here.

Also, want to give a reminder that new students are encouraged to contact the Office of Academic Advising to have a telephone advising session. Students should follow the schedule here and should use Forestry 101, the New Students website, and other resources to prepare specific questions.

Our continuing students (i.e., rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) already registered for their fall classes. Let me put on my academic adviser hat for a sec and offer some advice for any in the Daily Deacdom whose students did not get a class/es they wanted: your Deac should get on a waitlist (if the class has one) or should check in the Registration portal regularly (for any classes without a wait list). Throughout the summer, we will have students who change their mind (e.g., change major, or they decide to take a semester off or go abroad, etc.) and they drop a class – which creates openings for other people to grab that spot. Deacs on wait lists should be checking their WF email regularly, because if a space in class comes open, they have a short time to accept the wait list space or it gets offered to others; or look regularly in the Registration portal for openings of non-wait list classes. Even if nothing opens up for a while, there is typically a lot of add/drop action surrounding the first week of class, so patience is a virtue.

My experience (both from my own student days and as an administrator) is that things have a way of working out in the end. Sometimes it’s hard to trust the process, I know, but things tend to work out 🙂


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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