Town Hall Meetings Scheduled

Late yesterday, students and families received emails inviting you to Town Hall style meetings in which senior leaders will share our progress toward opening in the fall:

A Town Hall meeting will be held this Sunday 7/26 for P’24s and ’24s

A second Town Hall will be held next Wednesday 7/29 for P’21-’23s and their ’21-’23 students

Unlike the last Town Hall meeting, we are not requiring pre-registration in advance. We will send out the link for viewing prior to the event, and I will also post it here in the Daily Deac and on the Parents and Families Facebook page.

Also late yesterday, sophomores through seniors received an email with final info for housing selection, and first-year students received information how to purchase their textbooks. Those textbook purchasing instructions apply to our current students too, by the way. First-years also received an email about course registration. As a reminder, once first-year students begin to register, we ask that phone lines and email accounts of the Office of Academic Advising or the Registrar stay freed up for students with specific questions; families can contact the Call Center (336-758-7500) or email questions here.

I had posted a few days ago about the student I met in a virtual New Student Reception who was talking about her experience with summer school and how much more robust it was than online learning in March and April. Jessie Birnbaum (’22) was kind enough to make a brief video about the experience so more students and families can see it (many thanks, Jessie – you rock!)

We will be running the Call Center tomorrow from 10 am-3 pm Eastern and at those same hours next week.

by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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