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Full news day here, Daily Deacdom, so hang with me.

This morning we received a message about three positive cases of COVID-19 on campus:

Public health officials have confirmed that three individuals on campus have tested positive for COVID-19. Each individual is recovering well and is respecting the required isolation guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In keeping with our long-held privacy practices, Wake Forest will not be releasing further information about the identity of the individuals involved, including whether or not they are students.

Midday a message went out with updates on several fronts; read it here. It talks about academics and seeing course modalities, plus drop/add (for non-first-year students). It also talks about housing (for non-first-year students): tomorrow, ’21s, ’22s, and ’23s will receive a message from Residence Life and Housing about the housing configurations that will available to view to help them plan for housing selection. Also information about fall billing and refunds that would take place if conditions required closure of campus. Read it all here.

These messages were sent to parents and families via email, and we post all campuswide messages on our Family News site. Note that some internet service providers can interpret email as spam, so if it was not in your inbox, check spam.junk/quarantine and if it is there, move the message to your inbox. You can also add the following WFU email addresses to your contacts:,,, and (as messages could originate from any of those addresses).

I also wanted to acknowledge that much earlier in the year, pre-COVID-19, we had advertised today as the day to log on to the Family Weekend website to purchase tickets to the weekend. Registration is not open yet per their website. I do not have any updates about Family Weekend, but will share them when I can.

A couple of families pointed out that there were many dates in the First-Year Parent and Family Calendar that had changed. We have an updated version here. If you are a paper-loving family and had printed the old one out, please discard and replace with this. Please note that there will be more changes; we only updated the fall semester calendar at this time, so know that the dates for the spring could potentially change if public health necessitates. We are trying to keep things as up to date as we can, and appreciate your patience and grace 🙂

Finally I have received several questions from parents and families about whether their student can enroll in all online classes and live at home for the fall semester. The answer to that is yes. Students who – for whatever reason – don’t wish to be in Winston-Salem can take all their courses at home.

A related question was about whether a student can take all online classes and still live on campus or in University-sponsored housing. The answer is that full-time students who take all their classes online can live in University housing.

For our handful of French families out there, happy Bastille Day 🙂
— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)



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