Closing out the week

It’s Friday, and I know we have thrown a lot of info at families throughout this whole week, so today I am keeping this a little lighter. One quick item, though: some have asked if I have any intel on when students will get the link to order their test. I do not have an exact ETA and would just refer back to the email they got on 7/29 that says “Wake Forest will send a link to students for our dedicated Azova Health portal. It is important to wait for our message to initiate the process.” So sit tight until your Deac gets that email.

Now I want to brag on your students a little, because they are really awesome people. There is a new story that just came out about how a group of students are helping with the implementation of the new Title IX regulations; read it here. By way of background, Title IX deals with sex discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and disability discrimination. A Student Advisory Group was formed with students in leadership roles on campus and/or who have a passion for supporting students to help spread the word about the upcoming policy changes, assist with gathering feedback from students and make recommendations to the Task Force based on their feedback.

I especially liked seeing the outcomes students got: “The Student Advisory Group members have spread the word about the new regulations through various social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. Their most significant contribution has been tallying results and determining themes from a student survey that included multiple-choice and open-ended questions and netted 231 responses.”

Having worked with the Student Compact team myself, and having seen a number of terrific upperclass students in our Virtual New Student Receptions, and now reading this story, I remain blown away by the talent of our students. They approach complex things like public health compliance and Title IX without being daunted by the enormity of the tasks – instead they bring energy and fresh ideas. Their analytical skills are top notch, and I can speak for the Student Compact team – their writing is excellent. Our students show great care and concern for others – in particular, our upperclass students are keenly aware of the responsibility they have to our incoming ’24s, to help them feel included, to show them the way, to make connections with them.

I know everyone has anxieties related to coronavirus and all the things that will be different, but I feel incredibly hopeful and it is because of the caliber of students we have: smart, conscientious, empathetic, hardworking. I think they can tackle the fall with the same spirit.

All our Wake Families should be justifiably proud of your students. I’m proud of them too. Have a great weekend, all.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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