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Happy Tuesday, friends! We are now starting to really feel like summer: temps in the mid-80s and are expected to reach nearly 90 by the end of this week. view from the Quad on June 23, 2020Here is the view from the Quad Cam as of 10 am this morning. The Quad still looks beautiful, y’all. It’s eager for all our Deacs to return.

Note for our P’20s: the Alumni Personal and Career Development sent me some information that might be helpful. Please share this with your recent ’20 grads if applicable:

We are offering another round of JUMPSTART: A Job Search Strategy Bootcamp for the month of July. If you know of alumni who need help with their job search, please share and encourage them to register by Monday, June 29th. This bootcamp is appropriate for all class years within the undergraduate College.

JUMPSTART is a 4-week course hosted through Canvas, where alumni will gain clarity on their job target, refresh their resume and LinkedIn profile, understand the strength of their network, and create a plan for what’s next.

Additionally, here are resources you might find helpful:

Our What’s Next page is the best place to easily find upcoming events, including Wednesday Webinars which we have programmed through June. These webinars are free and open to anyone! All recordings from past webinars are posted on our LEARN with @LifeAfterWake page.

Subscribing to our newsletter, Beyond the Forest, is an easy way for helpful resources to be sent straight to your inbox.

Yesterday José Villalba, our Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, sent an email to the campus community about the recent landmark decisions by the US Supreme Court (as with all campuswide emails, you can read that those on our Family News page). And some of you may have seen this last week, but for those who may have missed it, our Student Government president, Miles Middleton (’21), and Dr. Hatch created joint statement (in video form) about the national events surrounding us and how they impact our campus. I hope you will watch it. I know Miles and he is an incredible young man and a terrific leader. It is well worth your time.

Finally, I want to mention that a number of you have reached out to me with fairly detailed questions about the fall semester. My most transparent answer on some of those questions is that we might not have all the final, detailed answers about specific operations on campus for a while yet. We are anticipating a University update around June 30 – and it will share new information for sure – but there are still going to be many projects we will be working on in July and August to prep for the fall, and the details will emerge with those projects. What I can tell you unequivocally is that my colleagues are working with great care and intention on plans for the fall. They are smart, they care about the wellbeing of our students, and I trust them.  We ask everyone’s patience as we do this important work 🙂


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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