We are Gloria Gaynor approved

Today the internet giveth. In spectacular fashion.

If you are a reader of a certain age, you remember Gloria Gaynor’s epic break up anthem, I Will Survive. Not only is the song being played on our carillon (thank you, carilloneur!), but we got a tweet from Queen G herself about it:


During COVID, you gotta take your joys where you can find them 🙂 Hopefully this brings a smile to your face too. And it may even be a fun family moment to watch I Will Survive with your Deacs and explain what circa 1978 disco-and-roller-skating looked like 😉 Thankfully, sequined tube tops have not made a comeback in 2020s fashion.

More video goodness to share. Wednesdays are also days when Chaplain Auman releases his weekly video about living in the times of COVID. His message also delivers; watch it here.

Finals continue for your Deacs through Friday. So the finish line is on the horizon. Give them a little extra TLC, cook some of their favorites, and tell them “you got this!”

We are still finalizing part II of our webinar on move-out; hope to have that ready no later than tomorrow evening. Stay tuned.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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