The Million Dollar Question

It’s been a whirlwind of a day here, so today’s Daily Deac will be a quick one.

When is Family Weekend?” is the million dollar question. And right now, we do not know.┬áThe short answer is that hope to have a date in early February when the fall football schedule is finalized. You can read more on our FAQ page, Events section. (As an aside, the FAQ is a great place to start if you have other questions. You can also search on the main WFU page for what you need). As soon as the date is chosen, I will post it in the Daily Deac and on our Facebook page, as well as main Parents and Families page.

Just a reminder – if your Deac is still looking to make schedule changes, they can consult the Open Course Report on the Office of Academic Advising website, and can always go straight to the source in WIN. I believe we are now at the point where even if there are open seats, students need a POI (Permission of Instructor) to add a class, so they will have to seek that out from the teaching faculty member.

Also, encourage your Deacs to use the resources of the Learning Assistance Center, Math Center, Chemistry Center, Writing Center, etc. if they need help in a class. These services are free and can be incredibly helpful in your students’ mastery of material. Don’t wait until there is a problem in a class – going proactively is best!

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)



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