A tough but important topic

There was a really important article in today’s Old Gold and Black. One of our Divinity students has written a very moving letter about his own journey of recovery and sobriety; read it here. I am so grateful he was brave enough to share his story and to help showcase the resources available on campus for any who might need it.

Students may be aware – but families may not be? – that we have a thriving Collegiate Recovery Community on campus, complete with its own lounge, programming, and support. The OGB article and/or the CRC website can help connect students to the CRC if they wish.

College can be a difficult place to be if you are in recovery (or are considering it). We have an excellent resource in Peter Rives, Assistant Director of Wellbeing – Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention, and students can meet with Peter if needed. This website provides a lot of great information too.

Though this is a tough topic, it is an important one and I wanted to be sure any in the Daily Deacdom who might need this information have it.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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