Starting to thin out

I am out today (it’s the hooding ceremony for my graduation), so this is a pre-post.

We’re coming down to the wire. It’s Thursday of finals week, and the crowd continues to thin out on campus. Remember that Wake the Library has students covered with lots of coffee, good places to study, and free food at 11 pm (while supplies last).

Also a reminder that during Winter Break, students cannot get into their residence hall rooms until we reopen in January (this includes Deacon Place). So be sure they take everything with them when they head out for the break.

As promised, more finals funnies to close out today. Keep strong, Deacs! You can do hard things!

joke - student looking for motivation joke - student praying for multiple choice test joke - pie chart about paper writing joke about procrastination joke: can't begin writing until I finish daily procrastination rituals joke - student writes one word and takes a break

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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