Late Night Breakfast recap

Lastnight was the Late Night Breakfast and it was a lot of fun. Between 10 pm and midnight, students had the opportunity for major carb-loading, music, and chances to win prizes and Link Loot (The Link is a student organization platform). They had some good items there too – air fryers and nutribullets and vacuum cleaners, and – oddly enough – a record player. I asked one of my colleagues if today’s students really even knew about the old fashioned record player, and was told they are in vogue and students are getting excited about vinyl. Clearly I am behind the times.

When students arrived in the Pit, they were greeted by our group of LNB elves – we were in Santa hats and elf headbands and had LNB red and green aprons. There was festive holiday music throughout the night, which was a lot of fun. Students were able to get a variety of breakfast foods – tater tots, pancakes (and occasionally waffles as more pancakes were cooked), eggs and sausage. I was pushing biscuits and gravy hard, and I have to admit it was slow going for the first half hour, and then we had a steady stream of students who appreciated the restorative power of biscuits and gravy as a study tool 🙂

The students seemed pretty jazzed about getting to have all this food at that hour. One really sweet student at our serving station expressed their delight that we were all dressed up in hats and aprons, which was nice to hear. Last year’s LNB was canceled due to the unexpected snowstorm we had right around finals, so this was the first time our sophomores had been able to experience the evening, along with our ’23s of course. It was good to be back.

Hats off to all the ARAMARK staff who worked late making all the food, for my colleagues in Campus Life and faculty who were there as greeters and servers, and of course to the students for coming out for it. Photo credits below to Gail Bretan, Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life.

Late Night BReakfast 2019

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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