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Happy Monday, Deac families! For all of you who were here for Family Weekend, I hope you had a fantastic time. The weather was gorgeous, the game a rollicking good time, and know you loved seeing your Deacs ­čÖé

indigenous peoples acknowledgement plaqueWe have a special thing happening today in honor of Native American Awareness Month. Today at 5 pm there will be an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement ceremony in the Green Room. A plaque has been installed in Tribble Courtyard to acknowledge the indigenous peoples who had lived on this land (and that of the Old Campus). We also have a new Letters So Dear for first-year students and our Weekly Message for First Year Families is on health and wellbeing.

One of my colleagues in the division I work is famous for her love of Thanksgiving and she is famous for sending us all an “inspiring an attitude of gratitude” calendar each November. I am a few days late, but wanted to share it with you (adapted slightly). Here goes:

November 4: Let go of any conditions you have for being kind to yourself. Schedule a date with yourself – an evening that is all about you.

November 5: When you wake up, write down 3 simple things you are grateful for.

November 6: Look someone in the eye and smile. It is contagious.

November 7: Compliment the unexpected. Recognize the positive thoughts you think about others and share them.

November 8: Surprise someone you love with a small gift – flowers, a sweet treat, a kind text or email – just something to let them know they are thought of.

November 9: Volunteer to do a task that others find unpleasant.

November 10: Stand up for an underdog.

November 11: Take a silent moment in thanks for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

November 12: Meditate for 5 minutes. Lots of great apps out there to help you: Insight Timer, Simply Being, Koru.

November 13: Pay it forward: pay for the person behind you (getting coffee or a drive through meal, at the toll booth, etc.)

November 14: Tip your server more generously than you usually do.

November 15: Tell a friend or colleague (or your Deac) something that you appreciate about them.

November 16: Next time you hear gossip, change the course of the conversation towards praise and gratitude.

November 17: Choose to forgive someone even when it is not deserved.

November 18: Let someone’s supervisor know they are doing a great job.

November 19: Leave an inspirational message in a random place for someone to find (park bench, subway, office kitchen, etc.)

November 20: Apologize first (and even if you don’t feel like saying it).

November 21: Thank a teacher, professor, or mentor who impacted your life.

November 22: Write a positive review online for a business, restaurant, contractor, etc.

November 23: Get in touch with someone who is lonely. Call them, or better yet invite them to Thanksgiving if they don’t have somewhere to go.

November 24: Clean out your closet and donate things you no longer wear/need.

November 25: Clean up a common area at home or work. This simple act symbolizes that you respect communal spaces.

November 26: Do not complain for 24 hours. Try to find the good in every situation.

November 27: Hug someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

November 28: Thanksgiving! Count your blessings with family and friends.

November 29:  Consider buying fewer things for the holidays and focus instead on meaningful shared experiences.

November 30: Volunteer at a local food pantry/shelter and be grateful for your own full stomach and home.

I am not sure where my colleague Jen found this list, but it is a good one. Hope you find ways to be grateful every day this month.

I am traveling the rest of this week on business. Am going to try and pre-post some blog content but if I am super busy I may lapse a day or two.  Take care and have a great week!


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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