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It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’d be willing to bet the majority of our students will be heading home (either to their home, or a friend’s). But we know some students will choose to stay on campus for Thanksgiving. If your Deac is one of them, please be sure they are aware of the Thanksgiving Break page put together by the Office of the Dean of Students. This will help your Deac know which dining venues are open and when. The Hanes Mall, River Birch, and Target shuttle runs to Target and to a shopping center (where River Birch is) with a Lowe’s grocery store, and there is always Zipcars or Uber, for any Deacs who need to stock their room with food options for Thursday.

Turkeypalooza is one of the best parts of Wake’s pre-Thanksgiving activities. Students who volunteer with Campus Kitchen help make Thanksgiving meals for local people who need assistance. You can watch this short video about their great work. Fantastic example of living our Pro Humanitate motto.

For our P’23s, we have a new Weekly Message for First Year Families – this is about approaching final exams and the value of reflection. We also have a Letter So Dear from a senior who talks about the importance of putting your pride aside and asking for help when you need it.

Speaking of final exams, the general schedule is here. Your Deacs will know from their professors if any are deviating from the schedule or not holding finals. One of the questions we frequently get about finals is whether finals can be moved closer together (so there is not a long gap between them and the student can go home earlier). My experience has been that faculty members generally do not move finals or allow students to take them early.

The rationale, I believe, is that if student X gets to take the final early, it is possible that student Y might ask them for insight about the test, which could create unfair advantage, and that faculty don’t want to create an ‘early’ exam and a ‘late’ exam, because then classmates are not being measured on the same instrument.

I had a huge gap in my last two finals, and will confess I watched a lot of TV and had a lot of time on my hands. It’s just part of college that you have to roll with.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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