Pre Family Weekend Thoughts

This week will be a series of very short Daily Deacs, as schedules are packed leading up to the big weekend.

The weather forecast for this weekend is supposed to be nice. Rain scheduled for Thursday, and I hope it dries up in time. Keep an eye out here.

Here are suggestions for some things you and your Deac might want to do over Family Weekend:

Walk from campus up to Reynolda Village and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. (Grab some May Way dumplings while you’re there, or visit Reynolda House!)

Take a drive down Reynolda Road, our most picturesque, tree-lined street.

Like hiking? Try Pilot Mountain or Hanging Rock state parks (30-60 mins away).

Check out the amazing restaurants downtown (and throughout Winston).

Whatever “quality time” feels like for your family – make sure you do a lot of it while you are here. Your Deacs miss you, and I know you miss them 🙂


by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D., (’92, MA ’94)

Categories: the daily deac