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Over the weekend your Deacs got an update about the malicious emails that had been sent earlier this month. While not all broadcast emails sent to students go to parents and families, this one fell within our criteria for an ‘all mail,’ so we emailed it to parents and families. You can read that message here. (As a reminder, all campuswide emails to students, faculty, and staff go on our Family News page. You can see a refresher on when we communicate directly with parents and families at the bottom of this page.)

We had a big sports weekend once again – Wake is now 5-0 in football and is ranked in national football polls. And SO many of our other sports kicked butt and took names this weekend, I hesitate to try and list them all here lest I forget any. Be sure to check out the athletics website to read the full stories on your favorite Deac sports.

Residence Life and Housing emailed resident students of important dates – read it here. These dates are particularly important to know when they must be out of their residence halls after finals. NOTE: students arriving early for Sorority Recruitment or other University-sponsored reasons will receive instructions from the Office of Residence Life and Housing regarding their arrival date. There is some general info on sorority recruitment dates here. Before you buy any plane tickets for travel at winter break, be sure you talk to your student about when their finals end (it should be on their course syllabus) and whether they will be returning early for an officially approved reason.

Do your Deacs know that our Thrive office has Wellbeing Wednesdays? They can check out our Thrive website and look at the Upcoming Events section (click the ‘see full calendar’ button for more events).

Today is the last day to drop a full semester class. If your Deacs were planning to drop something, today is the day. If they miss the deadline, their other option is to drop with a grade of W (which I assume is for withdraw) – but be aware that they need to be at 12 credits to stay a full time student.

Every Monday I try to mention a couple of things specifically for our P’23s: first is our Message for First Year Families – this week is about test anxiety and midterms – and our Letters So Dear. Definitely worth a read for our P’23s.

I meant to add this at the end of Friday’s blog and whiffed. Wanted to say that I wish a happy and healthy new year to Deac families who are observing Rosh Hashanah. L’Shanah Tovah!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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