Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, Deac families! Today is just a very quick look at some things coming up next week that your Deacs might want to attend:


11th Annual World Culture Festival from 5:30-8 pm: There will becreative displays and activities, a wide variety of cultural foods, information about different cultural groups and various performances.

Cornhole Tournament at 6 pm: Do you think you have what it takes to be the WFU cornhole champion? Prove it at our cornhole tournament

And there is more – but I am running up against the deadline for the blog so I will link to today’s events here and simply say there is a play (How I Learned to Drive), athletic events, a violin recital, ice cream social, the movie La La Land (LOVE!) and other things too. Your Deacs should be well and duly entertained tonight.

Tomorrow is also full – men’s soccer, inspiration and praise gospel concert, the play. Similar deal on Sunday – some athletics, some arts – you get the idea.

Monday there are many more options – including a petting zoo! Some of my ZSR Library besties are teaching a noon lunch and learn that I have attended (and I found it fascinating, so I can speak to it personally):

Monday 9/30 at noon: Trolls and Bots in the Machine: The Mechanics of Fake News. Come to this one hour lunch-and-learn to find out how misinformation/disinformation spreads, who spreads it, and why it matters. We will look into the reasons WHY it is created and the mechanics of HOW it is disseminated. Tips on what you can do will also be provided

But the point is, SO MUCH TO DO. Your Deacs have lots of ways to scratch their interest itches and learn new things, or have some fun, or celebrate the amazing talents on our campus.

Dig in to the smorgasbord, students! And have a great weekend, Daily Deacdom!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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