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A very quick Daily Deac today. Your students’ homework for this weekend is to go to aWake All Night, which is a late-night carnival in Benson University Center.  Enjoy engaging attractions, casino games, game shows, delicious food, and great raffle prizes! Stuff-A-Bear and other one-of-a-kind novelty items are treasured souvenirs. The more our students join in to campus activities and traditions, the richer their experience on campus will be.

There are also some Wake the Forest activities specifically for first-year students:

What is Wake the Forest?
An initiative born out of the First Year Experience Commission that identified a need for post-orientation programming for first-year students to engage with peers, organizations and faculty/staff and provide social alternatives to high-risk environments, particularly during the evenings from Thursday-Sunday. 
What kind of events?
A wide variety hosted by campus departments and organizations. From Residence Life and Housing Life@Home events in the residence halls to bike trips, movies, athletic events, open mic nights and more!
What’s coming up?

Men’s Soccer vs. Dartmouth 9/6/2019
The ZSR Open 9/6/2019
Take Back the Pool 9/6/2019
aWake All Night 9/7/2019

To close out the week, I found out there will be a series of global foods in the Pit – an excellent way for your students to try new things:

A different delicious cultural or religious food every other Wednesday in the PIT from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm in the Fresh Food Co (AKA “the PIT”).

  • Sept 18. Chinese Culture Club
  • Oct 2. Hillel. The Jewish Student Organization
  • Oct 16. Japanese Club
  • Oct 30. ASIA (Asian Student Interest Association)
  • Nov 13. OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students)
  • Dec 4. Burma community

(Sponsored by the Global Food Committee of the Office of the Chaplain, and the Food Collaboration Committee student org, with in kind culinary donations from Harvest Table Culinary Group) 

Make it a great weekend, Daily Deacdom!

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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