Give us your restaurant recommendations

Today is an audience participation kind of day. One of the members of the Daily Deacdom asked me to provide an updated list of restaurant recommendations. I know what I might say, but I also want to hear what our experienced Deac families might say.

So please take this quick poll and share your top pick(s) for the following categories:

upscale dining (something your Deac would consider a treat)

casual dining


and I threw in an Other/Misc category

I look forward to hearing what you say and will publish the results in a future Daily Deac.

Also, two new emails went out today to incoming first-year students: one from the Office of Academic Advising, and one from Residence Life and Housing. Read them – and see the archive of past emails – here. (I know for sure I missed posting the August 1st message, so do revisit the archive for anything you missed.)

Finally for P’23s, here is the Move-In suggested times and parking map for August 21st.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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