The safety conversation

This is a pre-posted message, as I am traveling for New Student Receptions.

Even though it is summer (and the majority of our students are not here), it is still vitally important for students to be aware of issues of safety and how best to report any concerns they have. Here are a few brief thoughts:

Please help your students understand that if they have a crime/safety situation on campus, their first call should be to University Police, not mom, dad, or loved ones. Not that they should not talk to you eventually; of course they should. But sometimes administrators will hear of crime or security issues via parents/family members, not the students directly involved. It is way more effective for students to be the ones to report these things whenever possible.

To get in touch with University Police on campus, students can call 336-758-5911 (for real emergencies of health and safety ) or 336-758-5591 (for non-emergencies, but things UP should hear about quickly).

It is helpful for parents/families to talk to their students over the summer about their expectations for safety. If you would not want your student walking across campus alone at 3 am, have a conversation about that before school starts. If you want them to know they can always call an Uber to get home from a party off campus, talk to them about that.

There are personal safety and crime prevention tips that we might know as adults, but your students (especially ’23 incoming first years) may not be familiar with. Talk about those now. University Police has a great set of crime prevention and personal safety tips here.

As a mom myself, I know there is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Find a few minutes before the summer break ends and have a safety conversation with your Deacs.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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