Blue with envy

Working on a college campus is an amazing gift. Wake Forest is a place filled with physical beauty, a lot of green spaces, and tons of very smart and talented people (students, faculty, and staff). There are days when I feel a smidge of jealousy at how young and free our students are, and of all the opportunities they can take advantage of just by being a student. Today is one of those days.

I saw an email about a class on wellbeing that is being offered next semester, HES 384: Blue Zones: Lessons in Wellbeing from Ikaria, Greece:

TFlyer for Blue Zones immersion course in Greece his 3-credit course explores the fundamental theories, principles, and multi-faceted components of wellbeing.  Our focus is on the Power 9 elements found in Blue Zone communities, that promote longevity and enhanced quality of life. Students will gain direct experience of the lifestyles and culture of the Ikaria, Greece community through experiential activities, interaction with community residents, and observation. Based upon their experiences, students will engage in a comparative analysis of their own beliefs and practices with those of the Blue Zone community, and develop a plan for applying lessons learned to their personal wellbeing journey and the Wake Forest University community.

And then I realized it is being [partially] taught in Greece. The cherry on top is that the class is being co-taught by our alumna and all around amazing campus life professional, Dr. Malika Roman Isler (’99), who has been our Director of Wellbeing (and will soon transition to Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Practice within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion). Dr. Roman Isler is a fantastic person to know on campus, so if your students get into this class, they will be making a valuable connection. And they will be in Greece, lucky ducks. I wonder if they need a blogger to chronicle the class… 🙂

Back to reality. Wanted to share a reminder that while classes are in session on Monday (Labor Day), administrative offices are closed. Our Student Health Service has put out some information about urgent medical concerns and options for off-campus care if needed; read it here.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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