Pre 4th of July

It will be a short week on campus, with administrative offices closed on July 4th for the holiday.

I want to remind any parents/families who wish to complete the survey about parent and family engagement at Wake Forest, to please do so, as the survey closes on July 25th. If you need a refresher on this survey, click here.

Moving on – to Move-In! It’s more than a month and a half before our students arrive for the fall semester. Even so, I want to plant the seed about some supplies that you might (and might not) need:

In our effort to be greener, consider NOT bringing bottled water for your student’s room. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle for them (and for anyone from the family coming for Move-In and Orientation). There are chilled water dispensers all over campus buildings.

Your students will need their summery/lightweight clothes for the first couple of months, so you may not need to pack their full range of sweaters and jackets for day 1. Instead, consider bringing just a few cooler weather items and you can bring more of those clothes if you come for Family Weekend/if they go home for fall break.

Many of our students (particularly incoming first year students) bring waaaaaay more clothes than they need. The best packing advice I can offer was told to me by my French professor before we left for the semester abroad: “Put the absolute bare minimum you think you can live with on your bed. Then pack HALF of that.”

He was 100% correct.

As you think about what your student wants to bring to school, be sure you have checked the list of allowed and prohibited items for residence halls.

by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94



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