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Happy Monday, Deac families! Am back in the office (and grateful for the wonderfully warm welcome from our new Deac families in the Bay Area last week at our New Student Reception).

Here is some practical, tactical info on our campus post office. This is important for families of every year.

How does the student get notified that he/she has a package? When a package arrives at the Post Office, the student will get an email from the Post Office notifying them that their package is ready to be picked up. A package slip will be placed in their post office box, and they will then need to bring the slip to the front counter so that the staff can retrieve the package. Note: your student may receive a message from the shipper that the package has been delivered to WFU. The student must wait for the confirmation email from WFU POST OFFICE that the package is ready for pick up. WFU Package Policy: If a package is not picked up within 30 business days, it will be returned to the sender. The student will receive two email reminders before it is returned.

What happens if the student loses his/her post office box key? There a $15.00 charge for the replacement of a lost key. If a student does not have their key but asks the staff to check their post office box, there will be a $5.00 charge. This is because staff have to stop their normal work to check the student’s box and with 4,800+ students, staff cannot retrieve everyone’s mail.

Do students keep the same PO Box all four years? Yes, unless the student moves off campus. If a student moves off campus, he/she is required to notify the Post Office. If he/she wishes to keep the same PO Box number after moving off campus the cost is $60.00 per year.

Receipt of flowers, cakes, etc. by the student. All student floral or cake deliveries must go through the WFU Post Office on campus (because residence halls are locked to non-students). When a delivery is made to the Post Office, the Post Office will email the student alerting them to the fact they have a special delivery to be picked up. WFU Post Office policy on flowers: any flowers not picked within the week will be discarded.

How to address USPS vs. UPS/FedEx packages. Note there is a different zip code for USPS vs. UPS/FedEx etc. Please see the details on the New Students website.

What is my student’s PO Box number? Students can find their PO Box by going into WIN>Internal Directory and looking themselves up.

As a reminder – whether you live close to campus or far away, send your Deac care packages from time to time! Especially with their favorite (non-perishable) foods, or specialty regional items they may not be able to get here. Pro tip: if you send enough to share with others, that gives your Deac a chance to invite friends over to their room to enjoy the bounty together.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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