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I am traveling today, so here is a pre-posted Daily Deac. Enjoy!

One of the happy surprises at Wake is how well people connect to each other – both on campus and beyond. And the small size of Wake means that people can share experiences and bonds that can help in places later in life. For example, the value of the Wake Forest alumni and parent/family network cannot be overstated. Wake people (whether alumni or parents and families) tend to like to hire other Wake people. And there is an online tool that can make it possible for parents and families to tap into that network.

Our tech team created WakeNetwork a few years ago to make it easy for Wake Foresters to 1) update your contact information and 2) share it within the Wake Network system so that you can connect with other Wake Foresters. Within Wake Network, you can search for other parents and families in your area, you can update your information should you change jobs or addresses, and more.

You can easily apply for a WakeNetwork account at https://wakenetwork.wfu.edu/. We take your privacy seriously, so all applications are reviewed and verified before access is granted.  It may take a few business days to get back to you.

Once you have a Wake Network account, we encourage you to review your privacy settings.  By default, parents and families are only viewable by name and city (no other identifying information so that your privacy is safeguarded). But you can change your privacy settings so you can be ‘found’ by others in your area who are eager to connect with other Wake Forest families.  You have the ability to decide whether you want to share your email or other contact information, your job information, and more.  The more families who are active on the Wake Network, and who change their default privacy settings to be found, the greater your virtual Wake Forest community could be!

So please consider getting a Wake Network account. And when your students graduates, encourage them to log in to Wake Network and keep their information up to date. Often we find recent grads still carrying their parents’ home addresses as their own, so they get email invites to events in a city they may not be living in – when we could be sending them invites in their current location!  It is always important to keep those addresses and emails up to date.

The more you know 🙂

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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