Endings and beginnings

Here’s a little inside baseball kind of knowledge for you: the day after Commencement is fairly quiet on campus. A lot of people take PTO, and a lot of others who come to work feel pretty casual.

As we end our time with the Class of 2019, here are some Commencement follow ups:

A fun video recap of Commencement day

Photo gallery

Commencement addresses from Dr. Hatch and Fred Ryan (P’16)

So now, let’s look forward to the Class of 2023 as they prepare to start their time at Wake Forest. I received in my office today the First Year Parent and Family Calendar, which is being sent (as we speak) to families in the same mailing as new students’ Forestry 101 books. In addition to the one hard copy being sent with each student, there is an electronic version online that I commend to all P’23s. You can find the calendar here on the Parents and Families page of the New Students website. (Sorry to our P’20s, ’21s, and ’22s, we do not have a calendar for your specific year, but you can access this one to have the important dates etc.) Whatever hard copies we have left of the First Year Parent and Family Calendar will be available on Move-In day, so if you need an additional copy, you can get one while supplies last. Much more on that closer to Move-In Day.

Also for our P’23s, we have started making our New Student Reception RSVP sites live. P’23s and your ’23 students can sign up for any reception you like; you do not need to receive a formal invitation. Though we will be sending invites out to families who live in cities where receptions will be held, these are not closed events – they are open to any P’23 families. Also note that some dates are not final (those will be linked once finalized) and we are still trying to determine a few more sites (my apologies that we can’t have one everywhere we have students; we wish we could, but we can’t). Stay tuned to the New Student Receptions website in another week or two and we should be pretty fairly set by then.

So many new beginnings – and such an exciting time. Go Deacs!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94


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